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Museum of Contemporary Art-North Miami
770 N.E. 125th Street
North Miami, FL, United States

Phone: (305) 893-6211
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Director of Operations


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North Miami, FL, United States


Accounting-Finance, Finance-Accounting, Human Resources, Member Services


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The position of Director of Operations carries a high level of responsibility in the management of the museum’s human resources, finances, operations, and facilities according to the standards of excellence set forth by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). As second in command, the Director of Operations leads the Museum in the Executive Director’s absence.
Major Areas of Responsibilities
  • Serves as a member of the senior leadership team of the Museum
  • Participates in the development and implementation of strategic plans
  • Insures that the Museum is in compliance with best practices set forth by American Alliance of Museums standards
  • Participates in Board of Trustees meetings, as requested
  • Involved in the promulgation, implementation, and review of all museum policies and procedures
  • Insures the Museum is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws for financial management
  • Oversees the annual audit and preparation of tax documents (990s)
  • Assists the Executive Director in developing the Museum’s annual budgets drawn from two streams of funding: the City of North Miami and MOCA’s 501(c)3.
    • Works with all Museum staff to develop annual operating and program budgets
    • Creates and monitors a process for staff members to track expense and income projections
  • Works with the Development and Finance Departments to prepare budget reports for granting agencies and funders
  • Oversees the preparation of  financial statements and other requests for information for the Executive Director, Board of Trustees, and city officials
  • Attends City budget hearings with the Executive Director 
  • Oversees purchasing procedures, purchase orders, and reviews payment authorizations for the Executive Director’s signature
  • Serves as the Museum’s comptroller
Human Resources
  • Assists the Executive Director to insure MOCA complies with all city, state and federal requirements for personnel
  • Supports the Executive Director in fostering team work and a collegial environment for the Museum’s staff, interns, volunteers
  • Maintains up-to-date personnel policies and staff handbook, linking the content of these documents with the Museum’s Code of Ethics
  • Negotiates and oversees Museum benefits and health insurance programs
  • Insure that the MOCA staff members benefit from on-going training and professional development opportunities
  • Manages the searches for and recruitment of new staff, participates in the interview and selection processes of new employees, as appropriate, and prepares their orientation
  • Oversees the Museum’s volunteer and internship program
  • Establishes process, timetable, and guidelines for annual staff reviews. Insures that job descriptions are updated
  • Designs and implements personnel procedures including process and approval for vacation requests; compensatory and personal time.
  • Handles personnel grievances, as needed
Buildings and Grounds/Security/ Visitors Services/Daily Operations
  • Insures that the Museum is safe and accessible to all visitors in compliance with the American for Disabilities Act and best practices for museums as set forth by the AAM
  • Oversees Security and Safety
  • Supervises the Security Chief
  • Insures that all security equipment, including-- but not limited to—cameras and alarms are in good repair
  • Insures that all Gallery Monitors are appropriately recruited, scheduled, trained and have up-to-date written guidelines for their work and conduct  
  • Engages additional security for special events when required   
  • Reviews all incident reports and with the Executive Director takes appropriate action, as needed
  • Maintains the Museum’s Emergency Self Protection and Disaster Readiness Plan
  • Maintains up-to-date information on the City’s liability insurance for MOCA; insures that the MOCA has appropriate levels of coverage and handles insurance claims
  • Oversees Maintenance
  • Updates with the Building Manager written protocols for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance needs for both the building and the grounds  
  • Insures that company contracted for these maintenance services fulfill MOCA’s assignments
  • Oversees hiring additional maintenance staff as needed   
  • Visitor Services and Museum Shop
  • With the Chief Accountant oversees the financial management of the Front Desk and Museum Shop.
  • Maintains and analyses attendance records and other data gathered by Visitor Services staff
  • Insures that the staff in Visitors Services are trained to assist patrons with special needs
  • Operations
  • Insures that City’s IT services to MOCA run effectively and are secure
  • Searches for and negotiates the most effective prices for major items and policies on the Museum ‘s behalf 
  • Designs a system and prepares written protocols for Museum-wide document management; monitors its implementation
Other Needs
  • May assist with capital projects as needed especially as they impact public safety and security
  • May be assigned projects as required
Reports to the Executive Director
Supervises: On behalf of the Executive Director, supervises the Building Manager, Chief Accountant, Security Chief, and Visitor Services staff
Functional relationships. Within the Museum, works with all staff, interns and volunteers, especially the Building Manager, Development Director, and Curator of Education. Attends Board of Directors meetings as appropriate.
External relationships: The Director of Operations maintains relationships with members of the Museum’s Board of Trustees, and with the City of North Miami’s professional staff, especially in the following areas: Finance, Human Resource, Facilities, Police, Public Works, and Risk Management. Beyond the Museum, this position maintains relations with the MOCA’s auditors and banking partners.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, public or nonprofit administration, or related field
  • At least 10 years of experience in nonprofit administration, including experience as a COO or CFO
  • Strong writing, verbal, and analytical skills  
Highly desirable:  
  • Master’s degree in business, finance, public or nonprofit administration, or related field
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish or Haitian Creole
  • Familiar with accounting, fundraising databases, or similar systems
This is a salaried position requiring some evening and weekend hours.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected factor.
Applicants: Please email a cover letter, resume and three references to with subject DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS.  No phone calls please.
lease provide information on how to submit resume for posting approval.