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Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science
1101 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL, United States

Phone: 3054349561
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Aquarist I


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Miami, FL, United States




$35,700.00 per year

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Full time



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  • Establish and maintain an environment conducive to the health and well-being of all animals within the Museum’s collection.
  • Completes inspection rounds of specimens, exhibits and reserve tanks to check status and identify and report potential problems. Resolves problems independently where possible.
  • Prepares food and feeds assigned fish and invertebrate collection as well as cross coverage for birds, reptiles and plants in accordance with dietary needs. Cleans and provides daily maintenance to food preparation areas, food preparation equipment and utensils.
  • Prepares diets and diet supplements according to established protocols to ensure nutrition and vitamin content are maintained to keep specimens at peak health.
  • Follows established feeding schedules and feeds appropriate amounts to maintain specimens at a healthy weight. Develops strategies to get in appetent specimens to feed. Monitors weights of specimens.
  • Utilizes various feeding techniques and develops new strategies to overcome the challenges of getting the correct diet to all specimens in exhibits and reserve tanks housing multiple specimens and species.
  • Maintains live food holding tanks and cultures, as assigned.
  • Observes and recognizes medical conditions that may require attention and reports observations. Discusses best course of therapy with veterinary and Curatorial staff.
  • Administers medications and implements routine quarantine procedures as needed.
  • Maintains detailed, daily husbandry records and reviews records regularly to identify important trends.
  • Maintains current knowledge of all specimens under their care and their natural history (biology and environmental needs) and husbandry requirements through hands-on experience, upkeep with current literature, keeper exchange programs, and symposium participation (as approved).
  • Researches species to determine established or new husbandry techniques; Conducts literature review or hands on research.
  • Assists with animal physicals of specimens as needed.
  • Participates in field collection trips using appropriate equipment (scuba gear, nets, seines, hook and line).
  • Maintains cleanliness and artistic quality of the displays through cleaning acrylic and decor, scrubbing algae and removing debris to meet established Museum standards.
  • Performs hydro-cleaning, water changes, backwashing and other procedures and provides necessary maintenance for pumps and filters.
  • Maintains water quality standards and adjusts parameters as needed, determines appropriate schedules for maintenance.
  • Performs water quality tests on a rotational basis.
  • Cleans back-up areas including scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming water and pest control.
  • Participates in system design and fabrication in keeping with animal behavior and biological needs. 
  • Participates in and presents at workshops, seminars, lectures, member programs and tours.
  • Responds to diver, life-support and animal related emergencies, at times after hours.
  • Provides back-up support to other departments as needed.
  • Adheres to all organizational and departmental policies and procedures
  • Ensures that goals for an excellent visitor experience are met and maintained.
  • Other duties as assigned or required 
  • Works with Curatorial staff to initiate and oversee viable breeding, husbandry and conservation programs for particular species within the collection. 
  • Coordinates daily activities though effective communication with staff and volunteers. 


Job Requirements:



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or related field
  • Experience in aquarium or zoological field with emphasis on closed aquatic systems.
  • Open Water SCUBA certification.      
  • Boat handling experience and field collection experience is preferred.


  • Knowledge of and skill in veterinary and husbandry procedures concerning fish, invertebrates, and other aquatic life.
  • Knowledge of life support systems and water quality parameters for aquatic species.
  • Must have keen observation skills and be highly detail-oriented and adept at problem solving.
  • Ability to problem solve and troubleshoot problems.
  • Ability to decide when to act independently and when to seek consultation of curatorial staff.
  • Ability to mentor and train new interns, volunteers and staff.
  • Ability to develop and maintain professional business relationships with co-workers, volunteer staff, interns, colleagues at other facilities and outside vendors.
  • Skill in organizing resources and maintaining priorities.
  • Skill in database management.
  • Ability to construct and operate aquatic Life Support Systems, including plumbing and carpentry.
  • Ability to use hand and power tools.
  • Ability to work collaboratively to implement Museum and departmental goals.
  • Ability to manage and impart information to a range of clientele, staff members and/or media sources.
  • Ability to follow laws and regulations relating to the care of wildlife in accordance with the Museum and industry best practices.
  • Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials using basic computer skills in Word, Excel, internet navigation, e-mail and spreadsheet programs.
  • Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials.
  • Ability to manage and impart information to a range of clientele, staff members and/or media sources.
  • Ability to follow laws and regulations relating to the care of wildlife in accordance with museum industry best practices.
  • Able to work well with supervisors and staff.


  • Work is performed in both interior and exterior environments.
  • Medium to heavy physical effort, including lifting up to 80 lbs.
  • Work requires the ability to kneel, climb stairs, and climb ladders and work in tight spaces.
  • Work requires visual acuity and hand dexterity to manipulate tools, safety equipment, and machinery.