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MiamiArtsJobs: Arts & Business Council

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Arts & Business Council
1637 SW 8 Street
Miami, FL, United States

Phone: 305-326-1011
Web Site: Www.artsbizmiami.org


Company Description:

For 35 years the Arts & Business Council has led the movement to empower the cultural ecosystem with high-impact partnerships between business, entrepreneurs and the arts. As Miami’s only organization that leverages the arts for economic vitality, ABC programs inspire employees, stimulate innovation & foster creativity. We assist 500+ arts groups and 150+ artists through executive consultancies, leadership training, audience development, workshops, forums, curated outreach & networking events.

The Arts & Business Council works with the cultural ecosystem, artists and community builders to lead, serve and inspire a more creative region. Culture and creativity are built into everything we do, from the way we envision new opportunities and evaluate outcomes to the way we collaborate across programs and cultivate deep partnerships.

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